Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Seriously - at what point do we get to take a break?

This World Cup.

Goodness gracious, it is intense.

Without referencing specific games, just to be safe to anyone who might not have seen a game or two just yet, let's just say that there has to be something in the water down in Brazil because every game is so incredibly crazy, so wild and unpredictable.

Very few games have gone according to Hoyle. Ok, so Nigeria-Iran was a boring 0-0 match. And France-Honduras wasn't terribly surprising. But other than those, we have seen some amazing soccer. From the fantastic finish of the Switzerland-Ecuador match to the heroics of Mexico's keeper in their game against Brazil. USA scores in 34 seconds. Costa Rica upsets Uruguay, putting the "Group of Champions" on notice that, well, they really don't care what you won, when.

If you are reading this, odds are you are already deep into the tournament, so this is more of a mutual commiseration. But if not, yet you like sports at all, then you better start watching each and every game because the sports drama is only going to ratchet up mathematically for the next week, then geometrically for the week after that, and then exponentially all the way through the final.

And how about them CONCACAF teams, huh? Sorry, Honduras, but props to Mexico, the US and Costa Rica for starting off so well! It is only four games, but you have to like the way every team but Honduras have started the tournament. Mexico is now smelling advancement, while the US and Costa Rica have significant hurdles to overcome, but each has made their mark on this World Cup so far.

And for 90% of you, let me remind you that in no uncertain terms should you ever blink during the World Cup. Dempsey's goal being Exhibit A. Sports Happens, and in this World Cup, it is happening at break-neck speed. Keep those eyes glued to the game, and take in all you can. Push yourself to learn more, see more, understand more, and enjoy the payoff!

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