Monday, April 28, 2008

Janice and The Music Therapy Show!

Janice (formerly Harris, now Lindstrom!) has a Blog and Radio Show! It started early in 2008 and has been going on weekly ever since. It has been really exciting watch her listenership grow and develop.

Based on inspiration from FlyLady and Jonathan Roche, Janice has put together what looks to be a great information source for people who are interested in Music Therapy through a Blog and Radio Show. The radio show is called The Music Therapy Show with Janice Lindstrom and airs via Blog Talk Radio every Friday at 11:00 CT. I was really excited about its potential because there isn't anything like it out there, and she is a pretty educated person when it comes to music therapy - and as I had hoped, she has done great! Take a look at her blog to get more information.

She was kind enough to let me write, perform and record the music for her show. Thanks to Ace Radio Live of The Footie Fetish Show fame for the technical help in getting it uploaded! It was pretty cool to get back in the swing of things in terms of playing and writing.

The intro piece is called Marie, and is something I wrote in college. Completed, it will be a full instrumental piece with drums, guitar and a lead instrument (probably bass), but right now it is just the basic bass line. Mostly this is because we just need a bit of an intro piece and nothing too complex, and it was easy to record the bass line.

The exit piece is College Station Blues, and is another piece I wrote in college. I'm still playing with ideas for the name a bit, but College Station Blues will work for now. Again, it is just an exit piece. I haven't written a lead or words to it yet.

For the May 17 show, I did another guitar break - "Texas 287." It is a song that I've had for a while and although I've never put lyrics to it, it always gave me a feeling of movement, of hope - sort of like a road trip. I've taken a lot of road trips on Texas highways, and one of my favorite is Texas 287 that goes up northwest on the way to Colorado and New Mexico. We're going to use it for the break before the History of Music Therapy segment.

For the May 31 show, I introduced another piece, Open Skies. It is similar in feel and idea to Texas 287.

I'm hoping to record a few other things to use as breaks, assuming Janice likes them. It has been a lot of fun working with Janice on this - taking my journalism background and putting it to good use on the blog and radio show. She comes up with the creative and we work on the logistics together. There have been some understandable growing pains (of course as neither of us has actually done a radio show before), but mostly it has been very cool to work with her on this.

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