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The Red Book - My articles about Dallas Soccer, including FC Dallas and MLS Rankings

This is a collection of my writing about FC Dallas for and 3rd Degree/Dallas Morning News. If you want to keep up with the articles I am doing, you can bookmark this post as I plan on keeping them current with the most recent at the top. You can also go to these pages for my and 3rd Degree/Dallas Morning News/Kevin Lindstrom pages.

Most Recent

Well, it was a great experience last year, and as I can, I will try to update with links to all of the articles I did for last season and this past off-season, but the editors there have said they want to find someone currently in the field - which makes a lot of sense. As such, I am not  writing for as their regular beat writer covering FC Dallas.

Thanks to all for their feedback and readership. I am proud of the work I did, and thankful to the editors who worked to make some of my rough edges a little less rough. I wish them the best and think they have done well with their current writer, Scott Sidway (@ScottyWK).

I am currently having to figure out next steps for me. It was fun, I think I provided something people enjoyed reading and brought a unique perspective to things, but it also was a larger time commitment than I preferred and, oddly, at the same time, felt I could have done more. I also struggled a little with direction (as all writers and editors do)....

So I will leave it at this - read the other sources listed below, as well as Scott, and know that I am very glad to have been a part of things in 2014.

Also, this is the 2014 season in review I did for FC Dallas - I think it is a good ender for this chapter of The Red Book:

FC Dallas - 2014 Season in Review

Other Sources

I also recommend the following websites for other coverage on the best-covered MLS club(*).

FC Dallas (Official)
3rd Degree/Dallas Morning News (Original greatness)
BigDSoccer (More recent greatness)

I have an overall soccer links page that needs updating, but here is the current version

(*) (by leaps and bounds, and certainly not because of my involvement, although I will always strive to make sure I am pulling my own weight)

Other past MLS Power Rankings:

Other past articles about FC Dallas

FC Dallas 3, Colorado 1 (Match Recap) - Mauro Diaz gets first start since injury, team continues to win

FC Dallas also hosted a Special Olympics match between Special Olympics Texas and Special Olympics Colorado. Well done to all involved. Here is my match recap, as well as the one FC Dallas did for the game.

I recently posted a peice discussing the effect of Sunday night's win over Chivas USA and the way next weekend sets up for the team.

Akindele, team growth key for Dallas in first road win in almost four months

Castillo, Escobar, others back for FC Dallas

I had previously written where FC Dallas is in its season and where it might be going.

ADVISORY - I am working on a piece for that another space-clearing roster move is coming for FC Dallas. I will send it out once it is official. Official story - Thomas Placed on Season Ending Injury List, Other moves in the works

With the recent trade of Andrew Jacobson, here are a few ideas as well as the article for
Starting with Vancouver, FC Dallas treating remaining games "Like Playoff Games"


So back in April of 2014, I was presented with another Implausible Dream - writing for covering FC Dallas. Why yes, I will have that!

On top of that, this season I started back up doing my MLS Power Rankings for 3rd Degree, now the soccer blog for the Dallas Morning News

The writing for is a great experience. My college degree was in Journalism, and one of my most favorite life experiences was travelling to the College World Series to cover the Texas A&M Aggies, so getting back to writing about sports is exciting, especially now that it is covering FC Dallas and MLS.

I am pretty excited about getting back to the Rankings as well, as I originally started doing Power Rankings back in 1996. Even when I was on staff with FC Dallas, I continued to do them, although they weren't published. I just did it as an exercise to keep me in touch with the league.

Things are still going well with the Lindstrom Law Firm. Well enough that I have time to do these other things and still have a great life with Janice and Kyle.

Why "The Red Book"?

By the way, why The Red Book? Just continuing my Rush-theme, from Distant Early Warning, "Take a page from The Red Book and keep them in your sights."

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