Sunday, June 22, 2014

Everybody Hurts Sometimes

We had it.

We HAD it!

Goodness gracious, it was RIGHT THERE!

Okay, so I was wrong about Dos a Cero - but who would have thought that Geoff Cameron would make THAT mistake so early?

And despite that, we had them by the short and curlies for QUITE some time, finding our way back into the game after the first goal, and then really pressing them as the second half got going.

And then, World soccer, meet Jermain Jones. Goodness, what a goal! And at that moment, it was ON!

The thing about it was, though, the block of Bradley's open shot at goal was a heartbreaker - one that I thought would be a fantastic litmus test of how much heart this team had.

And then enter the Texan, Clint Dempsey. Break his nose, crack his ankles - doesn't matter. That man is on a mission to lead the US through the Group of Death and into the next round, and he isn't taking no for an answer.

And it sure seemed with every passing minute, Portugal lost more and more faith that they could do something. Everyone could smell it, taste it - and it was a tasty thing indeed.

But then a certain Christiano Ronaldo did his magic, the central defense fell asleep for the US, and now we're tied.

And it hurts. Bad. We had the next round in our hands, and now we don't. And there is the very real fear that things could go south in a bad way and we could be on the outside looking in on Thursday.

That is scary bad.

And the only real question is how soon do we get it out of our system. Hopefully the players and coaching staff have already done that. For us as fans, it is going to take longer.

But remember we're not in this just to win. (Seriously, anyone out there who is rooting for the US with the expectation that the US will win the World Cup in 2014 - and will be severely disappointed if they don't - you REALLY need to get a life. Oh, and move on from soccer, it ain't for you.) We're in this for the experience. And from that standpoint, oh what an experience it was. The latest goal ever scored in group play history? Ouch. Steal defeat from the jaws of victory? And let's be honest, it wasn't a loss but it sure felt like it.

Remember what I said earlier this month about being a supporter? I will leave you with this from musician k.d. lang, "We are only as deep as what is carved into us." I think it is very true and very much worth it. 

So let it sink in, let it burn. But only to the extent that it flavors your emotions for Thursday.

Because let me tell you, if you think we have had drama to this point so far, you are not ready for what is before you. Simultaneous games to decide the fate of nations. Four at a time. It is Medieval. It is cruel. It is fantastic.

Bring it!

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