Sunday, June 22, 2014

Are You Ready?!?!?! USA-Portugal - Supporters Post

Are you scared? Nervous? Excited? About to throw up?

Me too!

So now is the time to find all the inspirational stuff and get that belief up.

And here is the thing - there is nothing more important than today, right here, right now. Frankly, part of me started to think about what might happen if.... and I stopped myself, especially as it relates to any negative results, because energy is precious, and now is not the time to waste any energy or emotions on anything but this afternoon.

And whether it is true or not, I have had too many experiences where energy in the stands influence the energy on the field. And we have seen it first hand in MLS with teams like Sporting Kansas City.

So I am taking ownership of this - and you should too - stay positive, get pumped up, help those around you in the same way. CHOOSE to accept the heavy burden of being a Supporter for one of the most important days in US Soccer history.

As such, find every clip you can from 300, from any other inspirational movie, etc.

But whatever you else you do, keep yourself positive from now until 7 pm Central.


For those wanting a little more, read on. 


The USSF did a fantastic promo for the Ghana match as well.

Some Supporter Greatness.

Then we will fight in the shade...

Finish with - "Remember this day boys - for it will be yours for all time!"

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