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Chaotica - my music page - Rush, Del Castillo and more!

Here are some links to my favorite musicians and bands. As I recently wrote in my bit on Del Castillo, I've always been very into music. As a musician, and in how I live and experience my life, music is very important to me.

My musical interests run the whole spectrum - from classical to punk, jazz to metal. The overriding theme? Make it intense, make it have meaning. What I've done here (and will update from time to time) is highlight a few musicians that I think highlight this.

My most recent piece is on guitarist/singer-songwriter Kaki King.


Overall, my favorite in large part because of the combination of their musicianship, music and message. As a bassist, obviously, Geddy Lee was someone I looked to for inspiration. Their message of "Anything can happen/I'm not giving in to security under pressure-I'm not giving up on Implausible Dreams" - a thread that runs throughout their music from Fly By Night to current music - is something that has always resonated with me.

Here are a few sites of note: Official - Power Windows - Wiki - Forum

Also, I put together a Neil Peart Condolences Page (Original - Updated) a while back. Although it isn't as relevant now as it was at the time (and yet I still need to update it with submissions), I still find people who don't know the back-story and what was a very dark chasm that Neil walked through.

Del Castillo

First and foremost, read my blog from my first encouter with the band here. That says a lot of it, albeit in a really long and involved post. Short version - they are an incredible Latin Rock band, with musicianship and style that I found very impressive. If you've seen the movie Once Upon A time In Mexico or Kill Bill Vol. II, you've heard their music.

Here is their official page. They also have a number of You Tube clips that do them pretty good justice.


From my original version of this page, "a band that has never let me down for their understanding of the need for dynamics in music. So many musicians put a line together, or a rhythm, and they go with it. I feel like my friend Gready when he screams, 'Do SOMETHING!' Live has always done something with their music."



One of the most creative projects of the past decade, Oysterhead is the combination of Primus' Les Claypool, Phish's Trey Anastasio and Stewart Copeland of The Police.

Official - Wiki

Other bands (links to be added) - Mechelle Ndengeochello - Ani DiFranco - Skunk Anansie - Days of the New - Disturbed - Eric Johnson

BTW - this was my original version of this page.

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