Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby Kyle Update!

Baby Kyle Update

August 7, 2013

So now it is getting very very real. Janice has had some of her energy spurts, resulting in us getting some stuff done but also a pretty big crash and a (minor and very kind) lecture from the doctor. Baby Kyle is moving like crazy – it seems sometimes like he is doing a handstand on her pelvis – and if we have our understanding of his position correct, we think he is going to be left-footed. At least, that seems to be the foot he is kicking with the most!

I haven’t really written much about this to date, but I have been amazed at how much information there is about childbirth that just isn’t out in the general public. I guess this is very much something that is experienced within the family, which is great, but boy what an education it has been! But that is probably a separate post when I have a little more time. This post is all about our baby boy that Janice is carrying, Kyle David Lindstrom!

I hope to post some of the better sonogram pictures, and will update this once I have it figured out.

This one is from 13 and a half weeks:

Everything seems to be going according to Hoyle – average for weight, growth, development. And Janice has been doing well, too – her blood pressure and weight gain have been all deep within normal limits. She worked really hard over the last few years on her diet and exercise, and while it may have only had a moderate impact on her outward appearance, from all accounts she really developed her body to that of an athlete, ready to take on this challenge with . . . well, I can’t say “ease,” because nothing about pregnancy is easy, but she definitely has made the transition smoothly and effectively.

I think with her age and other factors, we all had some questions as to how this would go, but all signs point to everything going really well, and I attribute a lot of it to the focus and effort she put into working on her nutrition and exercise, and also her mindset and the time and effort she put into understanding the process so that she could be at her best.

So we have been getting a LOT of sonograms. We don’t need to go into each one individually, but here are some general things. Apparently Swedes have abnormally sized heads, and Kyle sure seems to be fitting that mold. Guess the baby really is mine! ;-)

His heartbeat has been strong and consistent. Let me just say I cannot put into words how it makes me feel to hear the doctor say “four chamber heart”. I know it is a natural process, and maybe I am attributing too much of it to the whole “heart as where emotion comes from” Hallmark thing, or maybe it is just that it is such a complex muscle and I know how much of a complication it can be do have problems there, but it just makes me grin like a fool.

We have been having a hard time getting good pictures of his face in large part because he has been head-down for so long, sometimes looking at Janice’s spine, and because he almost always has a hand or arm in the way. We can almost always see one of his cute little cheeks, though…

And to add to the reality of it all, at today’s appointment the doctor basically said, “Plan on coming to the hospital on Saturday night.” We will be scheduled to attempt to induce the birth on Sunday!

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