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Baby Kyle Update - August 8, 2013

Baby Kyle Update

August 8, 2013

So here we go. The contractions started this afternoon (Thursday) around 4:00 p.m. It began more as pressure rather than pain, so it wasn’t very clear at first, but soon thereafter, it became regular enough to be real solid. The intervals were a little varied, but usually about 30 minutes apart, and duration was around a minute.

They were gentle and spaced out enough that it wasn’t a real challenge. This allowed us to call our parents and other family members. I made Janice some smaller meals (soup, chocolate pudding, toast, etc.) and we watched some of her favorite shows. Disappointingly, there wasn’t a Rangers game on, but oh well. Lots of cuddling and back rubbing and quiet excitement and nervousness.

One of the most fun things, though, was when I got out one of Janice’s guitars and played Kyle’s Song. It is a tune that I had actually written in college and had never really found a home for. It actually served as one of the songs for Janice’s radio show when it was first launched, but was just background music. But then early on in the pregnancy, we were playing around with music ideas and I just started playing this one tune, and the lyrics just fell into place as if by design. Janice was playing around with some basic melodies and then she was writing lyrics and it all came together. We’ve worked on it some, but the basics are there from the first writing.

We had previously recorded a version of it and I will see if I can post it here at some point.

The fun thing tonight, though, was when we were singing it, Kyle got real active and the contractions got more intense, to the point where we actually stopped. The contractions eased up a bit after that, but if they don’t start getting more intense tomorrow morning, I’m thinking we break it back out to get things moving forward.

That is all for tonight at this point.

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