Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baby Kyle is HERE!

Baby Kyle Is Here!

As some of you already know, Baby Kyle joined us on Monday after a lot of hard work, pain and effort – but he joined us happy and healthy, and Janice is doing well. I want to talk about so much – what an experience. And I’ll definitely detail all of it over time.

Figuring out how to organize my thoughts, share them in a reasonably digestible way, within whatever “free” time I have – quite the challenge! I wish I could promise more detail other than I will share it as quickly as I can, but as I am sure you understand, I now have an extra mouth to feed, diaper to change, body to wash, etc. And he is SO CUTE!

So I will finish what I was writing about as we went into last weekend to finish the story through at least today. That way those interested can read about the beginning of the inducement on Saturday, the labor on Sunday, the birth on Monday and all the craziness since. (Well, probably not all the craziness…)

That being said, this blog has in the past been more of a vehicle for me to share a few windows into my life rather than a regular blog – a lazy-man’s website – but this experience seems to lend itself to more regular check-ins. No promises, but I do think I am going to try to post more regularly.

The focus might change a bit – Kyle seems a bit important now (understatement) – but I will still post about other things such as music and sports. For example, I can’t wait to talk more about how the music therapy aspect of the birth of Baby Kyle went – which will be an interesting exploration of some new music I hadn’t experienced before, but also a completely different level of musical experience.

On the sports side, I sure wish FC Dallas were playing better, but hopefully the fresh faces and returning depth (from injury, national team duty and acquisition) will allow them to get healthy and sharp. I am excited about what the Stars have been doing. I am glad to see the Rangers pull out of their seeming irreversible auger-in. I am excited about A&M football, but concerned about a certain Derek Jeter fan….

But back to the star of the show – here are a few pictures of our new, wonderful baby boy – Kyle David Lindstrom:

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