Monday, May 28, 2012

Implausible Dreams - May 28, 2012

I'm not giving in to security under pressure
I'm not missing out on the promise of adventure
I'm not giving up on implausible dreams

Implausible Dreams is my personal webpage, originally posted in 2002. The name comes from the Rush song you see above.

I've got a number of interests that I'll share here - not the least of which is soccer, but also motorcycling, hockey, music and TAMU athletics.

My most recent post is "A Simple Kickaround on Memorial Day - or was it?" It is a fun look at my afternoon - one that started out as a simple exercise session that turned into a really fun day. If you love soccer or sports in general, check it out.  I also take a moment to thank those who have served to make days like today happen.

Also, I've added a few small updates to one of my more popular pages, "Why Motorcyclists Wave" and "Karma = Good (Motorcycle Version)."


So the FC Dallas and Texas Rangers (page with recent update) seasons are in full swing. The Mavs are the Defending Champions, but no longer in the playoffs. The Stars, unfortunately, missed the playoffs again but read my article about how not everything is doom and gloom. And here is my Stars page, Cygnus X-1 (also recently updated).

US Soccer Links

One of the key parts of this website is the US Soccer Links Page. It is designed to ultimately be a one-stop launching pad for much of the soccer world for people who follow soccer in the US. FC Dallas, MLS, US national teams - all there. It does reflect the recent changes in professional and high-level amateur women's soccer and the recent addition of Pro Soccer Talk - the new blog from NBC Sports that is a part of their new focus on soccer. I've also updated the MISL and PASL Pro  links to reflect their current situation. (PASL Pro is the league the revived Dallas Sidekicks have joined for the upcoming season.)

The idea is to have all the links in one spot. So far, I've got the major ones down, especially for Dallas, MLS and the USSF. I have the basics of the USL and some general overall news sites so you can get to EPL, etc., if that is your cup of tea. It
is still a bit under construction in a few spots, but recently revised and still very useful. Let me know what you'd like to see added!

What you'll find below are descriptions and links for the new additions/updates to certain pages, some information about older but still useful pages, and then some other stuff about me. Note that most of the main pages also have links on the right side of the page. Enjoy!


The most recently completed page is Chaotica, my music page. See it just below this post with information about some unique musicians that I personally enjoy. Most recently, I've done blog posts on Kaki King and Del Castillo.

Other Updates
I had previously updated Highway Child - my motorcycle resource page, as well as written some actual blog entries including two motorcycle/karma blogs, Why Motorcycle Riders Wave and Karma = Good (Motorcycle Version).

Here are some other pages, most with recent updates:

Janice and The Music Therapy Show - about Janice's wonderful radio program
Neil Peart Condolences Page
Highway Child - Motorcycle Page

Go HERE for a little more background information about these pages and me.

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