Saturday, October 18, 2008

Karma = Good (Motorcycle version)

So I'm on my way to meet a friend to ride north of the MetroPlex this morning, and my plan was to gas up at the meeting site, about 40 miles away. Starting off, I'm still in the main tank and I usually get 40 miles out of the reserve, so I figure I'm good to go.

Going west on I-635, about five miles into the ride, I have to reach into my reserve tank, which, again I've got a five mile buffer so I'm cool, right?

Well, then I'm going north on I-35 about ten miles later and I come across and accident that has traffic backed up for about a mile. I thought I got through it relatively quickly and still had some buffer to go, but then 25 miles into the reserve, I run out of gas......

Short story long, as I'm about a mile into walking my bike about two miles to the next gas station (you're right - it sure could have been worse), I notice a truck pass me and then start backing up. WTH? Then I notice a sports bike in the bed of the truck and realize my good fortune. The gentleman stops, asks what is up and when I tell him I'm short on gas, pulls out a gas can and drops in some. We introduced ourselves - his name is Ron. As we talked, he said he is learning to ride and his brother apparently is pretty good, and he couldn't let another rider get stuck. Needless to say, I thanked him sincerely and wished him the best.

It wasn't until he started to drive off that I realized that this was Karma in action. See my earlier post about Why Motorcyclists Wave. For a variety of reasons, Ron was very helpful today and saved my butt. Thanks tons, Ron! Best wishes! Here is hoping that when it is your time for Karma to come your way, it does with the same speed that you came to my aid today. You're a good man and a good friend in my book.

FWIW, props to all who reach out to help others - it isn't just a motorcycle thing. I just mention it here because it seems one of the communities I know where you really see it in action.

As for the trip, it was a great ride. The guy who suggested we ride is guy I've known for a while and we grab a ride from time to time. This time, Steve called me Thursday or Friday, and I hadn't been planning on riding but had the time and I know we've missed each other in the past, so I jumped on the opportunity.

We took another Shadow of the Valkyries ride - going north of Denton, up to 902 through some back roads, then over to 289 south to 121 over to Tioga and Clark's Outpost for BBQ. Up until 121, it was all new roads for me and it was really cool. (If you want to try it out, look for 3002 east from I-35 and map a route up to 372 and 3496.) Some of the roads were high-twisties, but also not in the best condition.

After a late lunch, we went over to 75 via FM 455 and 543 - my two favorite roads in Texas in large part because they were the first real twisties I ever took (thanks, Mer and Randy and all you Beginner Biker folk). Those roads are still great for turns. Disappointinly, 543 is a little rough for wear with some washout areas, but it still was a good ride. Thanks, Steve - great suggestion and it was great to hit the roads with you again.

So, to sum up - Texas is still beautiful for riding, and Karma is still good currency.

Coda - so it is now 2012, and nothing in this post has changed.  Texas is still beautiful for riding, and Karma is definitely still good currency.

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