Monday, June 9, 2008

Texas Aggie Sports Page

We have ourselves the ending of one era and the beginning of another.  Texas A&M is leaving the Big XII - and for the first time in over a century, most of its state brethren (UT, Baylor, Texas Tech, etc.) - for the SEC.  Ought to be fun times.

The womens' soccer team should continue to dominate.

The baseball and softball teams should also translate well.

The men's and women's basketball teams have done really well of late, including the national title two seasons ago, although the men struggled a little last year.

The gridiron football team has a new coach - this time from the University of Houston.  He should be able to recruit well, but the adjustment to playing in the best conference in college football is a big one.

As you can probably tell, in general, this is more of a personal page - allowing me to tap into the sports I like the most, so forgive me for not having some of the other sports listed here.

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