Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome to Implausible Dreams! (May 2006)

How about them Aggies!?!?!?!? At least so far, Texas A&M has acquitted themselves rather well in both the baseball and softball playoffs so far. The men have won their first two games in the College Station Regional and the women have won their first two games in the College World Series, beating an incredibly tough Virginia Tech team and surviving a spirited Louisiana-Lafayette team.

On the Stars front, we're watching the team that knocked us out of the playoffs tear Pittsburgh a new one. Looks like we lost to the team that is going to win the Stanley Cup and unless Pittsburgh can muster up a win in Detroit - a place it has yet to score a playoff goal - we will have been the team that gave them the hardest run.

Am I going to have to put a Rangers page together? I want them to do well, of course, but they have been mired in mediocrity for so long.... yet now they are not only above .500, but are close to being second in the division. I'm not ready to declare them the next dynasty just yet, but they sure seem to be doing the right things - patient hitting, pitching, defense, etc. And it sure seems like the minor league teams are doing well also.

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ERic said...

Sorry about the Stars.

Looks like you'll have another reason to come down here, soon, though, what with the Cedar Park Stars starting up as soon as they get that arena built.