Thursday, March 5, 2015

Starting Something New

After my experience working for, I have to admit that it got my journalistic blood flowing pretty strong. Considering those of you who followed me there and here in 2014, as well as the work I did for 3rd Degree over the years, I feel like I have something to bring to the table.

As such, I am moving forward with something I had been incubating over the last few years - the Soccer Information Network. Our main focus right now will be FC Dallas, but hope to add coverage of the Sidekicks back to the rotation as soon as we can, as well as ideally the Dallas Cup. We do also (clearly) need graphic design help and a photographer. If you have any interest in either writing or helping with the design, feel free to email me at

I have also put together a Twitter handle - @SoccerInfoNwrk. We'd love a follow!

Right now, the goal is pretty basic - get complete coverage of FC Dallas and start growing beyond that. I do have a beat writer for FC Dallas right now, and I will also be writing as well, but if you have a soccer topic you want covered, especially if you are interested in it enough to write about it, please reach out to me.

Bottom line - please work the Soccer Information Network into your FC Dallas information consumption rotation, along with 3rd Degree, the FC Dallas official page, Big D Soccer and, and as you can, let us know what you think we can do to improve your experience!

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chazsoccer said...

Kevin - I look forward to reading what you all will be putting out there.

Let us know when an article is published and I will share the link and read.

You might check with FCD media about photos and graphics for content related to MLS.

Chaz "Miss Charlie"