Friday, March 27, 2015

Big Week for the Soccer Information Network

We made some big moves this week at the Soccer Information Network. First, we are about to announce a photographer who will start working with us for Saturday's game between FC Dallas and the Seattle Sounders and then also work the Dallas Cup on Sunday.

That is the second thing - we were able to roll out our coverage of both the Dallas Cup and FC Dallas' affiliate, Arizona United, beats that we think people will want to know about and we feel we can deliver quality coverage.

Third is the help of David Chaffin. He has been working with our software to find the right template and images and doing a very good job. Throw in real photographs from the shoots on Saturday and Sunday (and beyond) and we will start to turn the corner in terms of overall image.

And I cannot say enough about Clay Massey and Fletcher Whiteley, our writers. They have been turning out quality work at a high level on a regular basis. That, frankly, is what is allowing us to get the kind of steam we have been building - there is no way we have this kind of coverage without their professionalism.

And we have also had some movement on the hit-front as well. It is not growing at monster levels by any means, but it is growing nonetheless. And every time Fletcher gets something at practice like his work on the International Absences this weekend or Clay does something like his Is FC Dallas The Best in MLS - The Argument For, the more the water level rises a touch. Frankly, Clay's Match Previews have been getting really good hits, too, and Fletcher's Conversation with the Captain is also a regular success. As for me, I am just excited that I am finally able to do the MLS Power Rankings again.

This is nearing the end of our first phase of build-out, and I must say it feels we are on schedule. I feel confident at this point that Phase II will happen, and I am excited to begin working on it. How many phases might there be? One step at a time. Pencil sketches on napkins do not a plan make. But there is a bit of a vision, and I am excited to see every little step taken.

We are eventually hoping to expand coverage. If you have any interest in contributing, don't hesitate to email me at Otherwise, please continue to enjoy and hopefully more and better as time goes along.

I will leave you with this - our Top Clicks of the Week. Definitely some content worth reading there.

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