Friday, December 12, 2014

Soccer on the radio in Dallas - now twice the fun!

Now you can listen to soccer talk on the radio in the DFW twice over the weekends.

For years, you have had on ESPN Radio (103.3 FM), "Soccer Today" with Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) and Steve Davis (@SteveDavis90). Lately they have been on Sunday mornings at 10. It is also available via podcast.

The newest addition is the one that was introduced this summer, The Kickaround on KTCK, The Ticket (96.7 FM and 1310 AM). @DFWTicket @TheKickAround Their first show is Saturday, December 13 from 2-4 pm. Hosted by Andy Swift and Peter Welpton, they led the drive this summer to show The Ticket that people to listen to and care about soccer from the general sports population and thanks to you and many other listeners, they now have a regular, weekly show.

Listen every weekend - 10 to 11 am Sundays on 103.3 FM 
and now 2-4 pm Saturdays on 96.7 FM and 1310 AM

Take advantage, dear readers. You are seeing the development of soccer media right before your very eyes. Imagine being able to say you remember listening to Brad Sham when he got his start. With those four mentioned, and those they bring along with them (such as Mark Followil, Bob Sturm and Kevin Hartman from FC Dallas broadcasts and other media?), you are getting to experience the development of an industry.

To say it is exciting is quite the understatement.

And it underlines one of the things I have been saying about Dallas soccer media for years - it is much more developed and vibrant than people give it credit for. Starting with Steve Davis at the Dallas Morning News and Buzz Carrick and, growing with Big D Soccer, the Dallas soccer media industry has been better served than almost any market with an MLS team in terms of multiple avenues to learn about soccer things. Adding in the radio shows is just another example of how developed things are now.

Congratulations, Peter, Andy and KTCK - a major milestone well accomplished!

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