Saturday, September 20, 2014

May You Live in Interesting Times

The past few weeks has been an interesting period for professional and college sports with the issues surrounding players, domestic violence, violence against women and general inappropriate behavior.

I am not going to detail what has already been covered by others elsewhere, but I want to add a call to action. Every once in a while, and issue becomes The Topic, and in moments like this, massive change can happen. In fact, I think we are seeing huge change now, no matter what happens.

I will, though, share one link that has Samantha Ponder's great comments this morning for ESPN:

But let's not take that chance. Add your voice. Small (Twitter, Facebook) or big (whatever that looks like to you), put your two cents in to the NFL, Florida State, the NCAA, MLB, whoever. Just be a part of the conversation because it seems we have a very real chance to massively change the way women and children are treated, especially as it relates to domestic violence and violence against women.

But I would suggest one other thing. If you have the time, find out about local womens' shelters, etc., and other charities that help victims of abuse and see how you can support them. A simple google search should give you that information.

And maybe put in a word with your local DA.

Let's make sure that the kinds of things that led to Ray Rice almost getting away with severe abuse to his fiance is significantly more difficult to allow, and further that we are taking care of those who are victims of such abuse.

If you really want to get educated on the subject, don't hesitate to read about the complex nature of domestic violence and violence against women - including blaming the victim mentality, etc. It is not in any way an easy topic, but deep down, I think you know you really need to know more about it. Don't shy away - the person you understand better, and ultimately help, could be someone you know personally. Just look at the rape statistics - if that doesn't bring the issue home for you, I really don't know what to say.

I just know that for me, domestic violence and violence against women is one of the biggest un-discussed issues we face. Let's take advantage of the spotlight that is currently on it and make it count.

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