Tuesday, August 5, 2014

FC Dallas wins a big one on Monday

Last night, FC Dallas (and the Philadelphia Union) won a substantive victory - the winner of the match between the two on August 12 (yes, Kyle's birthday!) will host the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Final!

It was a coin flip shown live on Men In Blazers and MLSSoccer.com.  Pretty exciting stuff, in large part because the other side of the coin (literally) would have meant traveling to either Seattle or Chicago for the Final. Both venues have some history of filling a stadium for big games, although clearly the Sounders have been doing that for pretty much everything these days, whereas Chicago has been struggling over the past few years.

Obviously, Dallas does have to win next Tuesday for this to matter. If you do not have tickets, PLEASE consider getting them for that game. Clearly, having a big crowd has helped this team at times, so be a part of the success!

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