Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FC Dallas moves Jacobson - what next?

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Andrew Jacobson has been traded to NYCFC by FC Dallas. This is a business, and sometimes business happens. Glad to see the way FC Dallas is thanking him on the way out. His response on Twitter makes it look like everyone is happy, which makes sense.

This raises all kinds of questions, though. I am working on this for MLSSoccer.com, and will certainly share the story if one develops. (Update - Here is the story.)

Is this just finally dealing with the fact that the team has too many holding midfielders, something that clearly was a help at times, but as everyone other than Thomas is getting healthy, you still have four guys for two positions (Michel, Ulloa, Moffat, Jacobson).

Or is it something else - Back to Thomas - as he was placed is expected to be on the MLS version of injured reserve, and now the move of AJ, you have room on the roster and in the salary cap. (Edit - Thomas placed on Season Ending Injury List on July 30.) Same for the sale of Richard Sanchez - to be completed when Chris Seitz returns. Including the sale money for him - which because he is a homegrown, more of it will stay with Dallas. Up to three spots on the roster, and a good amount of salary cap room.

The biggest question then is - room for what?

Unless there was a restructuring, or some other move is on the horizon, Dallas has all three DP slots filled.

So that means, barring a larger move that would require other changes, Dallas is trying to add a non-DP level player or players.

With recent injuries to Hedges and Escobar - although not knowing the details (severity, length of absence if any) - there are a variety of options. (Looks like Hedges should be ok, and they will give Escobar a run out during Wednesday's practice.)

Depth or upgrade at central defense?
Depth behind Diaz?
Depth or upgrade at wing or forward?

Or is there something bigger at work? Currently, Dallas is pretty high on the allocation chart... That could mean either a move directly to Dallas or Dallas could leverage the position to get something in return in case someone is trying to add an allocation level player.

Recent players to come through Dallas for various reasons that seemed innocuous at the time - Honda and Shea?

Other US players who maybe are wanting to come back to the US from abroad?

It will be fun to see how this all plays out.

Mark Followill (@MFollowill) tweeted that Jacobson will join Bob Bradley in Europe on loan until NYCFC starts its pre-season.

Drew Epperly (@wvhooligan) brought up a good point - is part of the deal keeping NYCFC from taking a player from Dallas in next year's expansion draft?

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