Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012 Update

And so here we sit, early December and the first real real real cold weather has hit. At least it isn't wet too...

Lot's of stuff on the home front, mostly settling down finally. The soccer industry has seen a lot of change - FC Dallas and their player moves, MLS and other US soccer leagues making moves, the return of the Dallas Sidekicks. The NHL seems to keep tripping over itself to not play games.  The Texas Rangers are having to make some tough decisions - some made, some still to come.  The Mavs are in their own unique situation, and let's not get started on the Cowboys. As usual, I'll just leave them alone.

On the music front, I missed the Rush concert - wish I hadn't, but what are you going to do? Very glad that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has at least started to give that group of musicians the respect they so rightfully deserve. Moving to a new location might just let me get back into playing a little bit as we'll have a recreational room. The new world of music continues to amaze me.

The big thing from a "talk about it" standpoint for me has been the 2012 Aggie football season - what a ride! I've been very happy to see how much of a good fit we have been in the SEC, and I'm not talking about on the field.  That has been above expectations and probably dreams. Very exciting times. 

For those of you not into it, you'll have to forgive our enthusiasm - A&M is a very special place, and getting a chance to see it embraced as a good thing has been very refreshing. Add to that the success the team has had, and you have the makings of a lot of exuberance!

For those into A&M's success this year, I'll leave you with links to some of the things I've been wearing out on my computer over the past three months.

First are a few team highlight videos done by @TAMUhighlights with some kick-butt music.

Ark - 
La Tech  -
‘Bama -

Speaking of Johnny Manziel....

Overview from @TAMUhighlights

These are longer cuts dividing the season into four game sets - by Carl Jones - some really good work here.


This is from the Official push for the Heisman:

This, to me, though next clip is what defined this guy. I was at this game, and going into it, I felt a little uncomfortable with the phrase "Johnny Football." Frankly, it seemed pretentious. But this play epitomizes for me why it is a perfect nickname, and why he 100% deserves the Heisman Trophy:

And this right here is when I knew I wasn't just seeing things through A&M colored glasses:

"Texas A&M... Like I told you, Johnny Football is nothing to play with - he's not," LSU defensive end. "Heisman - give it to him." Just listen to the tone in his voice, and watch the clip the whole way through rather than the cuts you've seen in other places.  The respect is very clear.

The game against Oklahoma should be our first real test as we will no longer be sneaking up on anyone, and they are one of the best programs in the country.  We've arrived - challenge now is proving we have what it takes to stay. January 4th will be a lot of fun!

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